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Software Developer

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Experience programming with the best languages, like C#, Python and JavaScript

Database Managment

Database management knowledge using SQL and other tools

Web Developer

Designer of websites, from source code to visual design, using the best libraries


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Website Building
Looking to make a cool website?

Develop your website and make your place on the internet

An interesting program idea too hard to code?

Code your application or program to get an efficient performance

Database Manager
Do you have a database but you don't know how to manage it?

Perform advanced tasks to operate on your database.


23 June 2018

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Website Programmer
and Data Manger

My first professional job back in the summer of 2018, it was to develop and improve a website store using Magento and MySQL as a database, I did from product creation to module development.

19 May 2019

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Desktop Application Development

In 2019, I began to work developing desktop applications using .Net Framework with C# and some SQL. This was exactly the kind of environment I wanted to work with. Unfortunately at that time i was a scholarship holder and I had to continue with my studies, so I finished on August.

1 September 2019


Technician and Programmer

The other side of computer science is to be a tech: install servers, configure them, manage advanced user systems, install racks with patch panel, switches and many others. That's precisely my job since 1st September, I also developed desktop applications related to database access.



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in Girona (Catalonia)

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